Tarea Semanal

Tarea Semanal #1 - due on Friday of each week - Interpretive (listening) and Presentational (writing): 
  • Listen to a podcast from Naciones Unidas or do an Interpretive Listening activity on the VHL Central site - Choose an activity from Section 1 Part C. Click here to see where to click.
  • On a piec of paper, write the following
    • the title of the podcast
    • the length of the podcast
    • the AP theme/s that the podcast connects to
    • a 3-5 sentence summary of the podcast
    • some new and/or key words that you heard
Tarea Semanal #2 - Comparación Cultural - Interpretive (reading and listening) and Presentational (speaking): 
  • NOTE: We don't want to have repeat presentations, so as soon as you choose your article from Veinte Mundos, please type the title in the comments section below. Also, before you choose, look there so that we don´t have repeats.
  • Read and listen to an article on the online magazine site Veinte Mundos.
  • Fill in this form. Here is an example of a the form filled out by me.
  • Give two(ish) minute oral presentation comparing and contrasting your/our culture with the culture of a Spanish speaking country. You can use prompts and/or a (basic) Google presentation to help you, but you should not read from a paper the entire time.
  • For the first quarter of the class, you can choose to present with a partner. For the last quarter of the class, presentations will be done alone. 
  • Not only will you learn from this activity, but the class will also learn valuable cultural information from the presentations.
  • Look at page 472-473 in the Temas book to give you some expressions to use.
  • Order - If you are going to present with someone, let me know ASAP so that I can adjust the schedule:

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