Blizzard Bag

Happy Blizzard Bag Day! Here is what you need to do today:
  1. Do a recap recording of you saying the answers to last night's homework (questions 3-8 on pages 23-27). I can only set the time to 2 minutes (or less), so if you run out of time, don't worry, just submit it anyways.
    1. Click here and enter the class pin: vtpjfzi. 
  2. Read (aloud) through the rest of the slideshow. Start at slide 120. We will finish the movie tomorrow in class. For the slides with questions on them, just talk to yourself.
    1. If you can, it would be best to Facetime/Google Hangout (multiple people!)/Skype with a classmate. That way you can talk with someone!
    2. The rest of presentation-related pages in the packet will be for homework tomorrow night. If you choose to do them today, remember, the repetition is key to learning and reviewing! So, don't do it at the same time you are going over the slideshow.
  3. Listen to /watch this interview and do pages 28-29. If you can try to listen and ignore the subtitles.
  4. Look at the Tarea Diaria page so that you know what you have in store for the rest of the week.
  5. Note: We will keep the same schedule for the Comparaciones Culturales:
    1. Wednesday - 2/8 - Rosa, Clara y Yolanda
    2. Thursday - 2/9 - Cassidy, 
    3. Friday - 2/10 - Jacobo, Alonso
    4. Monday - 2/13 - Pamela, Antonio
    5. Tuesday - 2/14 - Alicia, Gabriela
    6. Wednesday - 2/15 - Emilia, Lola
    7. Thursday - 2/16 - 
    8. Friday - 2/17 - 
  6. If you have any questions, you can email me, or call or text me at (978)-267-7255 (not my real phone number, but rather a Google Voice number). My response time after 3:00 will be longer.

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